Formen users can not log in

Problem: Foreman 1.9
ERF42-7495 [Foreman::Exception]: Cannot find user foreman_admin when switching context

Expected outcome: users should be able to log in

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

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We patched the system foreman and ruby got upgraded and broke we rolled everything back. My Management has told me I have to keep the same version.

My history tells me I am was running 1.9 but I have noticed some differences
/etc/puppet/environments needs two directories classes and modules

Also when the we try to log in to the webinterface we get


ERF42-7495 [Foreman::Exception]: Cannot find user foreman_admin when switching context

when running formenrake we are missing a limit column

so my question is
1 is there a database schema for the different versions ?
2. is there a way to update the existing database to the current version ?
3. is there any paid support for this application

There are couple of hidden users which are required for some internal processes. You can re-add them by:

foreman-rake db:seed

Foreman is a Ruby on Rails app, you can migrate database via foreman-rake db:migrate, see our upgrade guide how to do that properly during upgrades - our RPM package does this automatically for example.

Yes, several. I will mention Red Hat Satellite 6 because I work for Red Hat, but there are few others and also individuals/consultants who can provide you commercial support. We don’t have any category in the forums for commercial inquiries tho, feel free to create new post in the Support section with proper title asking for this kind of service and I believe you should find some offers in your email.

I’ll add to that:

My history tells me I am was running 1.9

Foreman 1.9 is very old - over 3 years old. Our upstream policy is only to support the latest 2 version of Foreman, which is currently 1.18 and 1.19. I would strongly urge you to push for a newer version of Foreman - you may wish to browse the list of security bugs as many will affect 1.9 but not patched until a later version

There are ways to upgrade the database to the the next version, but downgrading in the case of a rollback is not tested. It should work, but there may be dragons.

Additionally, given you had difficulties in upgrading (which is generally tested), I should probably remind you that upgrades should be done in order (i.e. 1.9 ->1.10 -> 1.11 etc) - jumping to the latest version directly is unsupported and probably going to break over such a large jump.