Fresh Install of Katello 4.4 with Puppet


I’m installing Katello 4.4 on a fresh install. Now that puppet has been removed from the core of foreman, what arguments on the foreman-installer do I need to add so that it installs and setups the Katello server as an ENC for the puppetserver automatically like when it was part of Foreman’s core older versions of Katello.

Also, are there still issues using Puppet 7 with Katello/Foreman or has all these been resolved now. I kinda remember there was an issue with facts not supported as Puppet 7 uses Json rather than YAML.

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See the docs Enabling Puppet Integration with Foreman

Puppet 7 is actually used if you follow the docs Configuring Repositories


Cheers. I’ll take a look through this.

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–puppet-server true
–puppet-server-foreman-ssl-ca /etc/pki/katello/puppet/puppet_client_ca.crt
–puppet-server-foreman-ssl-cert /etc/pki/katello/puppet/puppet_client.crt
–puppet-server-foreman-ssl-key /etc/pki/katello/puppet/puppet_client.key

The arguments above are no longer listed in the foreman-installer --help (and foreman-installer --scenario katello --help).

They are listed with --full-help…


Thank you