General Inquiry on Products and Repos

I just want to make sure I understand what the ‘Published at’ http url for a mirrored repo is actually providing. This url is the mirrored repo of the upstream url repo. Now, if we set ‘Mirror on sync’ to no, any upstream rpms that are deleted, will not be deleted on my published repo?

That is to then say, the published at repo is a consolidation of all rpms and their different versions? A content view is just provided the metadata to include/exclude specific rpms in that published url?


Correct, if you turn off ‘mirror on sync’, rpms will stay in the katello repo even if they are removed upstream.

Yes, the repo is a mirror of the upstream repo configured however you set it up to sync. A content view is a collection of repos, configured with filters, etc…

In pulp, a content view is just another repo itself, so its not technically “metadata”, but an actual whole repo.

On demand “lazy syncing” helps to keep the content off the disk until it is actually needed by a client.

Hope this helps!

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