Getting "access denied" on puppetrun api call

Hi all!

I'm attempting to dole out the ability for ops teams to force a puppet run
on a host via the Foreman API [1]. Currently this is in Foreman v1.10 (we
have upgrade plans in motion but for now it is what it is). I've added the
puppetrun_hosts permission (found under the Host/managed resource) to the
user's role. However when issuing a PUT against the …/puppetrun
endpoint, I get back "access denied". The production log shows that I
successfully authenticated as the user, but no details as to why the call
was denied. I don't see any other permissions that sound like they would
provide the permissions needed. Any help?

On a side note, it would be helpful in the API documentation if the
associated permission(s) were listed for a given endpoint…


  1. API documentation