Getting an error “No valid Release file found for ‘focal’” while sync Foreman 3.7 repo


Sync used to work but now says No valid Release file found. Checked the GPG key and found it had changed. Also found that focal and plugins have different GPG keys so had to split the product repositories in two, focal and plugins, where I used to pull them both in at the same time.

Expected outcome:

Foreman repo sync without errors or warnings.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

v3.7.0 for both
Katello: v4.9

Distribution and version:

CentOS stream 8

Other relevant data:

They key was recently updated (it had expired), but it should be the same key for plugins and the main repo.

Does the error remain after you updated the key?

User error, I grabbed the wrong key…

For others like me, the correct key is:

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Which one did you grab (and what led you to that, so we can avoid it in future?)

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Embarrassing to admit it, but I grabbed the content of instead of properly reading the clear instructions on

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Hah, okay. Yeah. Release.gpg is the signature of the Release file, can’t avoid shipping that :wink:

Glad the instructions are clear :slight_smile:

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If you’re looking to make things easier… It would be great if there was a way for Foreman to automatically update foreman.asc in Content Credentials when this file is changed on

You could use the content_credential ansible module with an url lookup as the source and have it run regularly?

But yeah, otherwise that’s a @katello feature request to support remote urls for content credentials.


Ooh, interesting!

I’ve barely scratched the surface on what Foreman/Katello can do…