Getting smart_class_variables via API

I'm trying to retrieve values for a specific smart_class_variable via API,
but not getting any results. The user I am using to do this has the
'viewer' role which has worked in the past, but somewhere along the line it
stopped working - unfortunately I cant say which update exactly which
introduced the change.

I am now running on 1.12.2.

This is my request:

GET /api/smart_class_parameters/1426

A simple 'GET'. Results in:

{"message":"Smart class parameter not found by id '1426'"}

I have tried to add numerous types of permission filters to my user to no
luck. The only way I can get it to work is to tick the 'administrator' box
for the user.

Am I missing something here? Is it a bug or am I just doing it wrong?

Adam W

You probably figured it out already but in case anyone else lands on this page looking for an answer like I did:

You need: edit_external_parameters, view_external_parameters

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