Getting wrong PXE server IP address

Incorrect IP address being used on pxe boot

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
Rocky 8.8

I’ve rebuilt my test system to try and make sure I’ve got the installation details correct but I’ve not been able to get the PXE server working correctly.

when my node boots it gets an IP address something like instead of the expected value of my foreman servers IP address

I notice that reverse lookup isn’t working for the foreman server but it is working for other nodes. Is that what is causing this issue? if so how do I fix it?

[root@foreman01 ~]# nslookup foreman01

Name:   foreman01.cluster.local

[root@foreman01 ~]# nslookup
** server can't find NXDOMAIN

when running the installer I set the values for

  • –foreman-proxy-dns
  • –foreman-proxy-dns-interface
  • –foreman-proxy-dns-reverse
  • –foreman-proxy-dns-zone
  • –foreman-proxy-dhcp-pxeserver
  • –foreman-proxy-tftp-servername

if you run the installer with default options, with a configured subnet for provisioning, do you still have such a problem?

I highly suggest looking at our provisioning guide, there is much information worth reading.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read the provisioning guide.

I’ve managed to resolve the issue by manually adding a reverse DNS entry for the foreman server. What I don’t understand is why I’ve had to do that when reverse DNS is working just fine for the other nodes in the system.

I’m building the initial install all via ansible so when I roll it out into our environment and I’m 100% I didn’t manually add a reverse DNS entry last time I setup foreman (before tearing it down and re-deploying)