Github actions

Hello everyone,

As some of you might have seen, there’s now an actions button in GH repos. This is because a while back I requested to be in the beta.

At this moment I don’t have a clear goal, but there’s some neat things we can do with it.

For example, we can replace the directory based labels in the legacy PR processor with GitHub - actions/labeler: An action for automatically labelling pull requests. It can also run tests and it might be interesting to replace Travis with it.


Got excited when I saw it land in theforeman organizations as I see a great potential with it.
Soon I will explore ways to use it in the new foreman-js repository.

Thank you for pushing it forward +1

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I wonder if we could replace Jenkins! :100:

I also wonder if we could use this to update tools such as asana or redmine when a PR changes. It would be nice to use this to track the lifecycle for each PR labeled as UI, for example. In other words if we could use this to automatically move items to the correct column and apply the correct tags in asana that would be awesome. Looks like there is already something like this for glo: GitHub - Axosoft/glo-actions: The collection of Github actions for Glo.

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I doubt we can. Jenkins provides a lot of useful functionality for us, like parsing JUnit output. I’d be much more in favor of replacing Travis which has been slow and unreliable.

We already update Redmine using the PR Processor. Which actions did you further want to automate?

I’d be against updating asana since it’s not an official project tool. It’s not open to everyone which means the GH admins can’t assist in resolving issues. If people choose to use third party tools for a specific subset of people, they are fully responsible for maintaining that IMHO.