GitHub organization account cleanup

Today I invited @timdeluxe into the Foreman organization and now we’re at 160/160 seats. While we could ask GH if they can sponsor more seats, we also have a lot of people who used to contribute but no longer do. Because of that I’d like to propose an account cleanup.

For now I at least removed HoundCI-bot which gives us at least one slot.

There are at least a lot of Red Hatters who have moved on to different projects. Then there are also quite a few people with 0 teams and 2FA disabled. I’ll start with looking at those. I’ll send them an email (if I can find one) asking them to respond within a month if they’d like to remain in the organization. If they don’t respond before then, I’ll start removing them.

And just as a reminder, please enable 2FA on your account. See Require 2FA for GitHub organization members as well.