Giving contributors the ability to control labels

Github’s permission model does not allow users with read access to control labels such as setting or removing them. This can be useful for a contributor that wants to test a PR and mark it as no longer ‘Needs Testing’ for example. The easiest way to do this is to use our existing bot. Thus, I am looking for opinions here on the structure of this functionality from a usability standpoint.

Here is a poll with the set of ideas, please vote! If you have a better idea please reply to the thread.

  • @theforemanbot remove_label ‘Needs Testing’
  • @theforemanbot tested and works
  • [tested and works]
  • [remove_label Needs Testing]

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Speaking of which, how do users know which bot commands are supported? Is there some documentation on it?

The truth is: there aren’t really commands other than [test] and we’re planning no removing that (by making it obsolete through GHPRB).