Good Ansible learning stuff

Anyone can recommend me good Ansible learning resources? I’d prefer some video classes, lessons or labs. But I will be happy for pretty much everything. I’ve seen lots of “hello world” tutorials, I want more in-depth content and also good practice or real-world talks.

I’ve tried some tutorials from Ansible documentation, it’s not bad. I think I need to get my hands dirty, so far just hello world. Looking for quality instead of quantity.

Linux Academy has a very good tutorial on it and a lab/vms you can use to kick the tires on it.

I can definitely vouch for

The Ansible series (4 parts) will show you how to do almost everything you need with Ansible. That + documentation to understand what each module does should be more than enough.

Take a look at this event from the recent FOSDEM conference: (recorded video available)
And here is repository with the code to play:
It’s not very complex, but contains many interesting use cases.