Gopherd errors by the handful


We are seeing the following error message repeated often on every server

Oct 26 08:20:49 papr-res-compute07 goferd: [ERROR][worker-0] gofer.messaging.adapter.connect:33 - connect: proton+amqps://, failed: Connection amqps:// disconnected: Condition('amqp:connection:framing-error', 'SSL Failure: error:140780E5:SSL routines:ssl23_read:ssl handshake failure')

We have found this solution on the redhat site, which suggests turning gopherd off for katello?

# vi /etc/gofer/plugins/katelloplugin.conf

enabled=0  <<=== 

Is this the best solution to the problem? What is gopherd doing anyway?

Expected outcome:

No overabundance of log messages.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

1.18.2, 3.7.1

The gopherd service is a component of the katello-agent. It reports on the package and errata status of the host and can be used to push remote actions from Foreman to the host (REX).

I think from Katello 3.7 the katello-agent is being phased out in favour of SSH/Ansible for REX and katello-host-tools for the package/errata reporting. The gofer package may still be contained in katello-host-tools, you’ll have to check.

From the Katello 3.8 release notes:

Client package changes

  • katello-agent/goferd is now optional, only used for remote exec.
  • katello-host-tools is required for package upload/errata status.
  • katello-host-tools-tracer required for traces management, must be installed AFTER updating katello-host-tools.

The issue you’re seeing looks like a problem with the SSL certificates used to authenticate Katello server/client communications. I’d start looking there.