Grub2 uefi chainloading iPXE


I’m chainloading from grub2 to ipxe but the interface disappears everytime after the chainload.

chainloader /ipxe.efi


iPXE initialising devices… (it’s just stuck there)

chainloader /snponly.efi


no more network device

I checked the interface in grub before the chainloader to make sure it works. i also tried to chainload grub2 with grub2 to test if it was an issue with ipxe but same results, no interface after chainloading.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

What is your use case? You can chainload from PXELinux that works fine. For EFI, just use iPXE.EFI directly.

I already have it working for PXElinux and it works great. My EFI machines use grub to boot. I use ipxe to boot winpe and build Windows. I need to chainload ipxe from grub so I can easily convert machines to windows if i need to by just loading a different grub config instead of switching boot loaders.

iPXE provides EFI binary, why dont you load that straigh in without chainbooting?

Foreman has a PXE loader entry for that: iPXE Chain UEFI (weird name I have to admit).

I know i have it working that way. We are using grub2 for all efi boot but i need ipxe for windows.
we are not using the foreman dhcp proxy so we can use the pxe loader functionality.

So is there no way to chainload ipxe through grub2? or even boot winpe through grub2?

I think I am facing the same issue. I want to chainload from grub2 to which is basically a preconfigured ipxe image. Neither ipxe upstream images nor images seem to go past

“iPXE initialising devices”. (ref. but still applies for ipxe as it is)

Have you been able to make it work for your case?

Chainloading bootloaders across different projects can be buggy. I suggest you to try or but if that does not work reach out to grub and iPXE developers.