Guidance for starting fresh with Ubuntu 20.04?

Unsure how to proceed with a new infrastructure based on Ubuntu 20.04 as the base OS for Foreman + Katello, Pulp, Ansible plugins

The documentation appears to be a bit in a state of flux here, and I’ve not been able to confirm that what I’d like to do is possible, nor how to start down the path toward doing it if it is.

I’m a long-time RHEL professional who’s landed in a Ubuntu environment and would like to use tooling somewhat familiar to me, whilst not rocking the Ubuntu boat.

Our environment is based on Ubuntu 20.04, Ansible, and local apt mirrors.

I’d like to build out a Foreman / Katello / Pulp3 / Ansible-plugin server on top of Ubuntu 20.04 and see in some places that Foreman-latest works on Ubuntu 20.04, but when going to, while there is a dist for Focal within the repo, I don’t see any Katello-related packages within the ‘Packages’ manifest file.

It looks like has been fully subsumed into Foreman as that just redirects to a project page that then redirects any documentation over to

So I suspect that for the stack I need, I may need to diverge from our official work platform (Ubuntu) in order to build out a Foreman instance that can use Katello+Pulp3 for Ubuntu APT repository content management - is this correct?


Katello is not supported on Ubuntu, as many of it’s underlying dependencies (such as Pulp and Candlepin) are not readily available there. You’ll need to run the Foreman server and any smart proxies providing the content feature on an EL distro.


Thanks so much Tbrisker - that’s sorta the vibe I got from poking at the docs, but this is the confirmation I needed. Much appreciated!


Katello is only supported on EL7 and 8, as we don’t have packages for Debian, as you noticed.

So yeah, you’d have to deploy on CentOS (or similar) and then manage Ubuntu from that.

Hope this helps

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