HA for the Foreman

Hello colleagues,

As we are slowly coming to the point when we go productive with our Foreman solution, I would like to know whether there is some kind of working solution which would allow us to have the Foreman solution in the HA environment (like active-active or active-passive). From what I saw, there is no like the out-of-the-box solution therefore my question.

Thanks in advance for any ideas,

A little old now, but this blog from @Christopher_Pisano is a good source of ideas…

@Gwmngilfen thanks for the tag (made me realize I never set up my handle).

It can be done, I haven’t done it since my last company on Foreman ~1.10 and managed upgrades through ~1.13 or so. The hardest part is figuring out how to bootstrap the the servers to become part of the cluster (I went with Ansible but never got a chance to finish it). For the most part it is pretty straight forward (though I do not know if things have changed in more recent versions and I was not using Katello). I also was only working with PuppetServer v1, so I’m sure lots have changed in the Puppet world since then. Hit me up with any questions, here or in IRC.

Its a lot simpler than you may think, I’ll being taking about it at FOSDEM this weekend. Sessions will be recorded and available for live streaming if you can’t make it in person, though I hope you can! :smile:

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