Hammer-cli-foreman-ssh / net-ssh-multi: Issues with cert based host auth

Anyone still active in those two projects?

@thomas-merz is complaining about the issue being open while it was fixed already in net-ssh, so I looked into both projects on top of it and it seems both are not really maintained anymore.

net-ssh-multi has also a very small PR open by @evgeni fixing the Rakefile for over one and a half year, which also indicates no-one is able to maintain it actively anymore.

So the logical question is how to proceed here? Is anyone willing and able to take over?

I’m not sure I follow the trail of issues.

You’re talking about Net::SSH::HostKeyMismatch with cert based host auth · Issue #10 · theforeman/hammer-cli-foreman-ssh · GitHub, right?
There have been no releases of hammer-cli-foreman-ssh, but there were also no changes that would require a release.

The fix is in Net::SSH (Support cert based host auth · Issue #613 · net-ssh/net-ssh · GitHub) which we get via net-ssh-multi.

So isn’t the solution to update Net::SSH on the system you’re running hammer-cli-foreman-ssh?

Yes, he pinged me in this issue, but it does not look like something to be solved with packaging.

Looking at our packaging net-ssh should be available already in newer versions including the fix and so I would expect it to be fixed or requiring code changes in net-ssh-multi and/or hammer-cli-foreman-ssh. As the issue still exists if understanding it correctly, I would say the second one is the case.

Well, the posted stacktrace points at net-ssh-multi which we have no control over.

I’m already on latest:

$ gem list|grep net.*ssh
net-ssh (7.2.3, 7.1.0)
net-ssh-gateway (2.0.0)
net-ssh-multi (1.2.1)

But problem is still existing :frowning: