Hammer discovery plugin auto-provision all

Hello again.

sorry for bothering you all.

In the web gui, I have the option of doing “auto provision all” for all discovered hosts where I have discovery rules.

In hammer this option doesn’t seem to exist, and I would really like one. I can of course iterate over the output of the discovery list, but it would be really practical to just do all in one command.

-h, --help print help
[root@foreman einar]# hammer discovery auto-provision --help
hammer discovery auto-provision [OPTIONS]

–id ID
–name NAME Name to search by
-h, --help print help

Create a feature request at https://projects.theforeman.org/ - and, of course, feel free to send a PR :slight_smile:

Sure, this is RFE. Are you aware that Foreman can autoprovision automatically on discovery? It is just turned off by default.

There is already RFE created for this - Feature #20926: Add option for auto-provision-all for discovery - Discovery - Foreman.
PR is opened by @rabajaj

Please have a look and see if it is helpful & serving the same motive as you described.

thanks @kgaikwad for pointing it out. @einjen this pr should solve the problem you have described, once the upstream tests pass for hammer-cli-foreman-discovery, this RFE should be resolved :slight_smile:

Thanks all of you