Hammer Triage Week!

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

We have currently 123 hammer open issues in Redmine,
most of these issues are old and probably were already fixed or not relevant anymore.
In order to decrease the number of open issues in Redmine, we are planning to do a triage week.

What does it mean?
From today until next Tuesday we @ofedoren, @Ondrej_Prazak , @yifatmakias, me and anyone who would like to help we will triage as many issues as possible this in this week.
at the end of this week, we will meet and talk about issues that we were unable to triage or weren’t sure what do with them.

How can I help?
You are welcome to help us do the triage, take as many issues as you like and help triage them.

How do I triage Redmine issues?

I will add later the meeting details,