Hammer version was changed to 2.0.0 -> please change the gemspec for hammer plugins

Hi all,
We are changing the hammer version to 2.0.0 to be sync with foreman versions.
please check all the hammer plugins and make sure that any dependency on hammer_cli_foreman or hammer_cli is updated to allow this version.


gem.add_dependency 'hammer_cli_foreman'
gem.add_dependency 'hammer_cli_foreman', '>=0.17.0'


gem.add_dependency 'hammer_cli_foreman', '>= 0.1.3', '< 1.0.0'
gem.add_dependency 'hammer_cli_foreman', '~> 0.17.3'
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Looks like some plugins need an update:

@Ondrej_Prazak mind having a look?