Heads up: Fedora 36 can deprecate ifcfg network configuration


possibly a big change is ahead of us, engineers are considering dropping ifcfg support for Fedora 36:


In short:

  • NetworkManager supports new config style (ini-like) and the old one we all know, love or hate (ifcfg) via a legacy plugin
  • engineers are proposing to remove the legacy plugin and provide a conversion tool to migrate to the new syntax
  • system providers (us) need to rewrite their syntax in kickstart (or other provisioning templates) and generate the new ini-style
  • therefore we need to rewrite our ifcfg snippets to create the new syntax

I am not aware of any kind of syntax-checker for NetworkManager, so I requested one:

Fedora 36 is due in May this year.


Hello in 2023!
In our setup I have commented out the kickstart_networking_setup snippet in the kickstart default template and basically let anaconda/kickstart persist the running config at the end of the installation to disk and it works well with NetworkManager for us. Any chance to opt-out this snippet with a host param?