Hello, we want to release dhcp smart-proxy plugin

Hello, we want to release dhcp smart-proxy plugin,
https://github.com/device42/smart-proxy-device42, https://rubygems.org/gems/smart_proxy_dhcp_device42 who can help us ?

What would you like assistance with?

By release you mean packaged in the RPM/DEB repositories?

We have a small guide to help you get to that point, we can easily take care of the packaging as long as the releases are done.

Check out Foreman :: Plugin Manuals and How to Create a Plugin - Foreman for more info and let us know what you want/need

Daniel_Lobato, Dmitri_Dolguikh : Thanks for response, actually we have *.rpm, so we want to transfer it and GitHub repo. Do other steps that we may miss as well.

we want to transfer it and GitHub repo

This would require you granting commit rights to one or more maintainers in theforeman github organization, as well as rights to publish the gem (probably to the same people). I haven’t checked the license, but I assume it’s GPL3 or compatible?

If you are ok with the above, then we can setup the repository transfer to theforeman github organization. We usually do a code review as part of the transfer, which might require a bit of communication/work shortly after the transfer.

Yes, it’s ok, where we can discuss details ? Possible at #theforeman-dev IRC channel ?

btw we use APACHE-2 as license, is it ok?

#theforeman-dev is perfect.

btw we use APACHE-2 as license, is it ok?

I’m actually not sure, should be ok, but will need to confirm.

ok, thanks, please find me at #theforeman-dev, when you get information about license.
Nick tolya_double.

The dependency side of it was discussed and now looks correct. I did open an issue to allow HTTP verification but IMHO that’s not an issue to block transfer on.

I’ve done with secure verification, commit pushed, so we can continue.

Anyone with enough legal knowledge can say something useful about the licensing situation?

AFAICT, smart-proxy is GPLv3 and as a plugin by definition is not working without the main component, a plugin has no choice other than GPLv3, but IANAL.

We have fixed all issues with license ( now its GPLv3 ), so ready to continue.

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@ehelms can you co-ordinate the transfer of the repo?

Do we have any news ? :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you an invite to the transfer team on Github, once accepted you can transfer the repo to our Org (theforeman). After that I can re-grant you commit rights on it.

The rubygems link is coming up 404, @tolyadouble did you remove it from Rubygems? If so, can you push it back and add our backup user ‘theforeman’ as an author please.

Do we have a volunteer to code review after the transfer?

Do we have a volunteer to code review after the transfer?

I can do it.

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I’ve transferred, thanks.

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Thanks, I’ve added the Proxy team with write access, and removed you from the Transfer group. I see the gem again as well, with the Foreman user - thanks!

Next steps will be code reviews from @Dmitri_Dolguikh and then getting the packaging files added to the foreman-packaging repo, I’m sure @ekohl can assist :slight_smile:

Looks like the github URL uses dashes rather than underscores. Compare https://github.com/theforeman/smart-proxy-dhcp-device42 with https://github.com/theforeman?utf8=✓&q=smart+proxy&type=&language=