Help us cover more API functionalities in hammer

Hi All,
We have recently run some coverage tests in hammer In order to have some idea on how many functionalities in the API are covered in hammer.

The coverage tests run hammer tests and checked which API actions run in the test,
therefore there could be two reasons for an endpoint to not be covered:

  1. There is no test in hammer for this action
  2. There is no hammer command for the API endpoint.

After viewing the result, We created a spreadsheet that maps all the actions is in hammer but missing some tests and all the actions that are not covered in hammer at all:

Now, the next thing we would like to do, is to cover all the missing actions and tests,
If you are interested in getting to know hammer better, these tasks are great first PRs you can take!

So, please if you are interested in helping us, please choose a task, create a Redmine issue for it, and fill the relevant information in the spreadsheet.

If you have any questions you can always reach me or @ofedoren, @Ondrej_Prazak, @yifatmakias, @rabajaj .


The Spreadsheet is not accessible for me. Can you share it publicly?

Updated the link with a publicly accessible one.