Help with understanding relationship between Foreman/Puppet/Katello and FreeIPA

Thanks to this community, I now have Foreman/Puppet/Katello installed and running.
I also have a FreeIPA server installed. Now to take things to the next level …

I am interested in auto-provisioning hosts (VM’s mostly) using Foreman and FreeIPA.
But the How-To guides, documentation, wikii, and forums seem scattered at best.

Can someone, who is much wiser and more experienced provide me with a pointer
in the right direction? The workflow diagram here is nice, but does not include FreeIPA.

I would like to understand how hosts are introduced into this environment.
Do you start with freeipa or foreman? How much needs to be configured up front,
and how much is done automagically? I’ve read snippets about hostgroups and “automember”.
I’ve seen posts about freeipa_register and finish scripts.

But I haven’t found a provisioning for dummies guide anywhere that puts me on the right path …


I have no particular experience deploying servers into FreeIPA realms/domains, but from the looks, it should not be that complicated.
Looking at the relevant manual sections you first need to have some smart-proxy server that has joined your realm (can be your Foreman server, but does not need to be), and on that server you should be able to just follow the manual for the setup.
Afterwards, you will most likely need to cofigure your realm in Foreman (Infrastructure -> Realms) and then add the realm to host hostgroups. With this setup you should be able to use the freeipa registration snippet from the community templates in your provisioning templates to autoregister future hosts agains FreeIPA.

You should not rely on this beeing 100% accurate, since I have never set this up myself (as mentioned), but from what I could find, this should be the way it works. :slight_smile: