Helpful Warning: Smart Proxies in pulp3/4.1 use a lot more RAM

Have seen this same behavior on multiple environments we have upgraded.

Before you upgrade to 4.1.x make sure you have at LEAST 16GB of RAM on your smartproxies PER CPU, because by default it will use one pulpcore-worker per cpu, and I am seeing them grow up to 16GB RAM each worker whenever doing a full sync to the smartproxy. It uses far less on optimized syncs but sometimes you have to do a full sync so you need it.

It appears that pulpcore is extremely ram hungry when syncing pulp3 rpm repos. (Ours is only RHEL8 repos right now). There is some related discussion on the pulp mailing list. Issue #8467: RQ worker takes up a lot of RAM when syncing OL7 repository - RPM Support - Pulp

Just thought I would warn people because this is a little different than pulp2 and what is mentioned in the install/upgrade guides at the moment.

Also note, the behavior you will see is syncs will fail unexplained, but if you look at the journal/messges on the smartproxy you will see the linux OOM killing pulpcore-workers when you do not have enough RAM.

@Viwon 16gb should not be necessary for a single sync no matter how large the repository is. Which version of pulp_rpm do you have installed? And have you performed any tweaks, like disabling iterative parsing?

Clearly there is an issue here to address.

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Definitely will not disagree with you or say your findings are wrong at all I’ve noticed the big spike in Hardware requirements too. I will say though I experienced all types of sync problems “pulp task error” errors with 4.1 until I changed the download-concurrency to like 2.

hammer repository list #To get the list of repos I’m syncing
hammer repository update --id=1 --download-concurrency=2 #Changing the setting

The sync errors got more exciting in the version I’m currently testing (katello-4.2.0.rc1-1.el8), now I’m getting intermittent

deadlock detected
DETAIL:  Process 2496 waits for ShareLock on transaction 18298; blocked by process 2463.
Process 2463 waits for ShareLock on transaction 18361; blocked by process 2496.
HINT:  See server log for query details.
CONTEXT:  while inserting index tuple (443,4) in relation "rpm_package_pkgId_key"

@viwon So a few minutes ago I did come across a repo which causes pathologically bad memory issues that the vast majority of repos don’t seem to fall victim to.

That repo is: Index of /rhel/8/prod/

It’s possible that you’re running into the same issue or a similar issue. It’s tracked here: Issue #9406: Trivial OOM on sync for a particular Microsoft repo - RPM Support - Pulp

@Mamba That issue is tracked here: Issue #8750: Deadlock on rpm repository pulp2pulp sync - Pulp

That repo is: Index of /rhel/8/prod/

Interesting. Our katello content is all RHEL8 based and that is one of the repos I have as well, because we have some people that connect linux apps to MSSQL databases.

That’s good to hear, hopefully it will turn out to be an issue with this particular repository. I did notice it has some duplicate packages with the same versions and different checksums, I doubt that’s at all related to this issue, but perhaps it bodes well for finding other issues with this repo.