Host Delete Issue

Expected outcome:

Im trying to delete the host cli/gui and its giving message like host deleted. But it is not deleted.

2020-06-10T19:06:21 [W|app|001d53af] Rolling back due to a problem: [#<Orchestration::Task:0x00007feacb2407f8 @name=“Remove SSH known hosts for testubuntu.”, @id=“ssh_remove_known_hosts_interface__1”, @status=“failed”, @priority=200, @action=[#<Nic::Managed id: 5, mac: “00:0d:3a:1b:34:ed”, ip: nil, type: “Nic::Managed”, name: “testubuntu.”, host_id: 3, subnet_id: nil, domain_id: 1, attrs: {}, created_at: “2020-06-09 05:38:34”, updated_at: “2020-06-09 05:40:13”, provider: nil, username: nil, password: nil, virtual: false, link: true, identifier: “”, tag: “”, attached_to: “”, managed: true, mode: “balance-rr”, attached_devices: “”, bond_options: “”, primary: true, provision: true, compute_attributes: {}, execution: true, ip6: “”, subnet6_id: nil>, :drop_from_known_hosts, [1, nil]], @created=1591796181.216727, @timestamp=2020-06-10 13:36:21 UTC>]

Other relevant data:

Hi, this is already being discussed in a different thread, take a look here:

@aruzicka, thanks for the info and deleted with adding dummy ip to the interface.