Host Details Page Redesign - Survey

Hello all!

Following the puppet extraction process (making it optional) the host details page needs an update. As part of the initial phase in moving towards an upgrade to Patternfly 4, we want to take this opportunity to redesign the Host Detail page to better serve users needs.

We would like to receive your perspective on the current page and your thoughts on a future page. You are more than welcome to share your thoughts and ideas by filling the following survey

Thank you for your cooperation!


Hello all,
Thanks for participating the survey!

Some updates:

Experimental feature

The (very) initial design for the new host details page has been merged as an experimental feature!

How to enable it?

Go to Settings << enable lab feature setting

How to check the new page

After enabling the setting, go to the hosts list page,
under the Action dropdown click on the New Details Page

Survey summary

I’d like to share some of the major feedback we got from the survey

Most Top use cases

1. Viewing properties
2. Deployment status
3. Running scripts and jobs / REX interface
4. Building
5. Console

Most Pain Points

1. Charts take too much space
2. Properties table is too small
3. Actions from the hosts list are not available (i.e rebuild, change location/organization etc)
4. No high level summary (last audits, last reports, last tasks, etc)
5. Page loading might be slow
6. Lack of plugins integrity
7. Not enough info, forcing visit the edit page
8. No hostgroup details

Feel free to share your feedback / suggestions / concerns or add any more pain point you’d like to share.


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