Host does not boot into OS setup after discovery

My host, that was auto-discovered does not boot into the OS setup dialogue, instead it boot further into the PxE menu (local boot, …, discovery). How does the underlying stuff work? Where can I have a look?

Expected outcome:
After discovery I would expect it to reboot to the OS setup when hitting provisioning

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Lastest, installed today on Ubuntu 20.04

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Lastest, installed today on Ubuntu 20.04

Distribution and version:
Ubuntu 20.04

Other relevant data:

Discovery will only make the Host known to Foreman so a user can start Provisioning or if configured the Host is provisioned by a Discovery Rule via Auto Provisioning. Both option start the normal Provisioning which should create a host specific PXE configuration which manages the Build and after successfully finishing replacing it with one for booting from the local hard drive.

So if you expect it to directly provision I would check the settings for Discovery and the Discovery rules in place. If those look fine I would look for errors during PXE configuration.

Hey Dirk!
Thank you for taking the time to reply to that question, I will try to dig deeper and post updates here. Thanks again!

I tried it again, so I understood that discovery only makes the host known to the server, that works. After that, I would like to provision the host but the problem is, it still boots into the default PXE menu.
I had a look in /srv/tftp and searched for the MAC address of the new host since that is the place where I would expect the “special PXE menu”, but without success.

Any ideas how to continue searching for the reason why it does boot into the PXEdefault and not a special one for provisioning?

looks like the problem was that I had no subnets, thing is, foreman did not complain about that. I assumed that’s something optional, therefore. Changing host options now also took way longer and I saw some sort of progress bar for a second.

Now it booted into the other PXElinux at least but said “invalid argument” then, but that a progress :smiley: