Host group Title text limit expansion

Problem: Text limitation on the title field for hostgroups and organization in foreman

Expected outcome: To increase the title length on DB to 512 or more

Foreman and Proxy versions: Foreman 1.12, Postgres server 9.4.5

I’m curios about the use case for this, since the current limit of 255 is quite long. just for perspective - your entire message is shorter than 255 characters. There is a “description” field that is not limited in size that can give you the ability to add more information than the name/title field.


My team is trying an automation that creates hostgroup based on the project hierarchy and some hierarchies are very long, I maxout the hostgroup hierarchy at 7 levels.

Since we have a vast environment we need to have further hostgroup levels.

The puppet admin team has a default 3 levels of HG before we expose it the external clients of out service. which leaves the clients with another 3 or 4 levels at max, and they want more.