Host has applicable Errata but not installable


Im having this message (see screenshot below) showing erratas are applicable but not installable. Can someone give me an idea to clear this message and apply these erratas to my newly registered hosts? Thank you.

As the mentions says: your host is on a content view/lifecycle environment in which the applicable errata are not yet available. You need to publish the content view and promote it to the lifecycle environment you are using on that host to get those available.

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One issue, one topic please…

There are two fixes coming in Katello 4.7 that should improve this experience:

Also please note that if you have a non-installable erratum that you want to apply ad-hoc, you can go to Content > Errata and select the errata in question. It will take you through the process of creating a special minor content view version so that it can be applied on the host.

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