Host list displaying slowly in foreman 1.17


I have about 2000 hosts in my Foreman installation. Since updating to Foreman 1.17, displaying the host lists has been noticeably slower (30-40 seconds for an initial page) as we were used to with older Foreman versions.

How do I debug this? I suspect that there might be an index missing in the database, but the foreman-rake db:migrate job went through just fine, and there is no indication that the database is an issue (during the wait, I have one ruby process taking 96 % of a core, and postgresql taking 3 % of a core with the disk idling away on a box with 24 cores and plenty of memory).

Any ideas?


Was this 1.16-1.17 upgrade or from older?

Is the slowdown client side or server side? If the latter, can you turn on slow queries logger if that’s postgres?

can you please enable debug and sql logging and share the production.log for the host index load?

This was an Upgrade from 1.16, and we have in the mean time identified the column_view plugin as the culprit. Removing that one resolved the issue. Filed Bug #23971: column_view plugin abysmally slow in foreman 1.17 - Foreman to track the issue.

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