Host not visible in All Hosts (Foreman 3.11 RC1, puppet plugin)

Having a strange behaviour with Foreman 3.11-RC1.

This is on a new install using 3.11-RC1 (that started as a nightly before RC1). Installed using foreman-installer. (AIO)
Added puppet plugin that installs Puppet ENC. I also have added Puppet DB.
The only difference from a “regular” install using the plugins above is that I’ve changed the SSL-certificates for the web interface.

I installed a new server and added puppet agent. Configured it to talk to my new foreman server.
No problems connecting and managing the agent certificate using the smart proxies.

The problem is that after the certificate is signed there is no sign of the hosts in the All hosts list.
Can’t find any errors and production log has no errors that I can see.
The setting to auto create the host in foreman using facts is set to Yes.

I tried to create the host manually. My thoughts was that there may be some problems creating and if I create it manually then it might begin to work.

Surprisingly this failed because the host already exists.

So somehow it’s somewhere in the database but it’s not visible in the All hosts display. Not in the legacy or in the new layout.

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Can you check the page after you switch to Any Organization and Any Location (only admin can do that). Host created through facts upload are attached to the default org and loc, which are configured via Settings.


Ah… I see. I’ll try it as soon as I’m near the system.
A small memory surfaced of me having something similar many updates ago after some changes to how organizations was handled.

Thank you… This was my problem.
I probably misunderstood the documentation or didn’t read it correctly.

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