Host - Operating Systems settings are reset/missing when editing and ambiguity


I have AlmaLinux 8 and CentOS Stream 8 repositories synced on my katello server. They are in different products and using the same repository labels (in case that matters for this issue), e.g. the “BaseOS_x86_64_os” is the label for the corresponding repository of either distribution.

When I edit or create a new host for provisioning with CentOS Stream 8, I select “CentOS Stream 8” as Operating system, select “Synced Content”.

Now I am offered two entries named “BaseOS_x86_64_os” in the “Synced Content” dropdown. By now I know that the first is for AlmaLinux and the second is for CentOS Stream 8. Due to the same label it’s very confusing but it’s not really clear to me why it would offer the AlmaLinux repository as installation source after selecting “CentOS Stream 8” as operating system. (see also

Anyway, I select partition table and pxe loader and submit the page as shown here:

O.K. Settings are correct. I can review the templates and verify that I picked the correct sync content repository. I can provision. Fine.

But if I edit the host again, even right after submitting before, the page now looks like this:

The content repository setting is missing. If I submit and edit again, it switched to “All Media”.

Sometimes after modifying something else like interface settings, I even get an error preventing me to submit my changes until I have restored everything on the operating system tab.

Expected outcome:
Show only repositories of the operating system chosen.
No changes between submit and reedit.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman 3.1.2, Katello 4.3.1

Distribution and version:

CentOS 7.9

Same situation on a new installation of Foreman 3.2, Katello 4.4 on AlmaLinux 8. When selecting AlmaLinux 8 or CentOS Stream 8 as operating system, it always offers me two “BaseOS_x86_64_os” repos in the “Synced Content” dropdown, the first from Alma, the second is from CentOS.