Host properties missing compliance button

The modern UI for host properties is missing the “Compliance” button.


If you switch to legacy mode (as above) you see the button.


@Marek_Hulan I recall you made a sketch for this at cfgmgmtcamp, but is there an issue tracking it?

@MariSvirik do you have the mockup by any chance already? I believe we can do better than just having the button (though that could be easily added to the kebab menu too)

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What about this?
There is a way to select a policy and view if it is compliant or not. Also, there is a link to policy detail, the last report, and openscap proxy.
And it’s consistent with Insights. I guess there is no need to see how many rules passed, right?

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After you scanned a host the report is available as a PDF under Hosts>Reports. This PDF contains details of the tests and how to simulate them.

I think that’s nice. Can you also provide a version when host has just one policy assigned? I guess the selector shouldn’t be there then. I thought more about whether the widget would replace the link from the kebab menu but I guess we may want to add both. If user is not on the overview tab, they could still quickly navigate to the last compliance report.

cc @Ron_Lavi, this is what I mentioned earlier today.

@MariSvirik the sketch looks good, happy to work on it with you,
@Marek_Hulan meanwhile, for compatibility I believe we can quickly add the link to Compliance as a dropdown item in the new host page’s kebab

Redmine: Feature #36133: New host page is missing a link / button to "Compliance" - OpenSCAP - Foreman

That would be a quick win.

What do you think about this? Fixes #36133 - Add compliance button to host page by Ron-Lavi · Pull Request #534 · theforeman/foreman_openscap · GitHub

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Probably we should disable it when there’s nothing to show,
@Marek_Hulan do you know what’s the best indication for that from the host API?

Today on the old page, we only check for at least one ARF report presence for the particular host.

It’s the same but without a selector - use Patternfly’s Readonly-plain pattern. We can even make a policy name a link instead of having ‘View’ there.

Also, let’s keep the action in the action menu.

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