Host with shortname registered to Katello

Hi all,

We have a couple of hosts that are registered to Katello with their shortname as opposed to the FQDN and are looking at updating these to the FQDN. These were registered a while back and there is no issue with any current registrations, but I have been tasked with lining everything up neatly.

What I am not sure about is the best way to do this. I could manually update the web ui to include the domain, but there is the concern that this may then affect the certs. I could also de-register the host, then register it again as a ‘new’ host, but as these are production servers I would like to make as little change as possible - and I am not 100% sure this would resolve the issue.

Is there any standard advice on this situation, or recommendations to read?



With another program I was using, I found that when I checked sysctl kernel.hostname I found the short name. Changing it to the FQDN with sysctl resolved the issue going forward. I just renamed my host in the web UI, but I could see that being an issue if you referenced something programatically based off of FQDN that interacted with the certificate, but as far as just renaming it in the Web UI, this didn’t affect the communication with Foreman for me.