Hostgroups API (v2) change in foreman 1.8?

> Hi All,
> We are in the process of moving from foreman 1.6.1 to 1.8.1 and have
> noticed a difference in behaviour with the hostgroup V2 API. Previously,
> following the documentation, we create hostgroups in a given environment
> using the following API call:
> POST /api/hostgroups
> {'environment_id': 1, 'name': 'myhgname'}
> In foreman 1.6.1 this worked as expected, a hostgroup would be created in
> the relevant environment. In foreman 1.8.1 the same API call returns the
> following error:
> {
> "error": {"message":"environment_id is not allowed as nested parameter
> for hostgroups. Allowed parameters are puppetclass_id, location_id,
> organization_id"}
> }
> The documentation has not changed and still states that environment_id is
> an optional parameter that allows the hostgroup to be created in a specific
> environment.
> Can anyone help? Is this a bug or intended behaviour?

Seems like a bug. I could reproduce it on 1.8.2 even, but not on the
latest 1.9 RC, so it's fixed. I haven't tried making a PUT request
changing the environment after creating the hostgroup with just the
name, could be a workaround.

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