Hosts will not delete from Foreman ''Hosts" screen

Problem: I have a heap of test VMs on a KVM compute resource which have been physically deleted (qcow2 and xml files) however the hosts will not delete from the Foreman/Katello web interface. I select delete from the web interface and foreman reports that the host has been deleted, yet it still remains in the list of hosts. (see screen shot)

Expected outcome: host entries should be deleted from host page

Foreman and Proxy versions: 1.19 foreman, katello 3.8

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Could this be an issue with the DB not deleting the entries?

Hey, this is weird. Can you run foreman-tail command on your server before you click the button, then stop it and paste bin the transaction log to see what really happened?

If you know how to increase logging level, do it with DEBUG.

Issue resolved by removing the puppetdb plugin and disabling it in settings. Not sure why I had the plugin enabled as I do not have puppet db.