How can I get a package diff list between content view versions?

I was wondering what the process would be to get a package diff list from the different content view versions. Ideally, I’d like to see which new packages we pulled into the new content view, and create a text file/report.

How could I go about doing this in Foreman?

If you perform a content view version export in katello 3.9 or later, it will create a tar file that contains a json and a second inner tar file of packages. The JSON file sounds like it’s what you want, and you can discard the inner tar file. You can then diff the JSON files for two or more CV versions to see what changed.

You can also fetch the info manually via the API by getting the list of repos for each CV version, then the list of packages. If you run the content view version export with the debug option, you can see the API calls that it makes to assemble the report.

There also is the /katello/api/v2/packages/compare API endpoint, which you can pass two content views into. This exists for other content types as well

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Thanks for the responses. This is what I was after, much appreciated.