How can I install hammer CLI to any server

Hi Experts,

In my Satellite 6.9 server it is already having hammer cli. I am trying to install hammer CLI to any other server ( provisioned by satellite).

Could you suggest if it’s possible how can I do that.?


I am not 100% sure since if never done that and am not very familiar with Satellite (only Foreman and Katello), but you will most likely need to do something like this:

  • Expose the Satellite Repo to the host in question (through Satellite CV)
  • dnf config-manager --enablerepo <satellite-repo-name>
  • dnf module enable satellite:el8
  • dnf install rubygem-hammer_cli rubygem-hammer_cli_foreman rubygem-hammer_cli_katello plus any additional packages for plugins you use (ask dnf search rubygem-hammer_cli for a list)
  • Configure the files in /etc/hammer/ and ~/.hammer/cli.modules.d/ to talk to your Satellite server

I hope this helps.

To add what @areyus has said, Satellite has a satellite-utils-X.Y-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms repo, which contains Hammer (and other utils) and is not bound to a Satellite subscription - it can be used on any RHEL system. (I think the module in that case is called satellite-utils:el8, dnf module list will know for sure)

Thanks for your reply. One confirmation.
If it’s not satellite server, the hammer CLI also can be installed right?

I mean the hammer cli can be installed to any server?