How can I return to an older content view version?


I searched the answer (internet, this forum, Katello/Satellite 6 docs…) for this question but I didn’t find. :confused:

I would like to return to a previous of a content view. For example I publish version 1, version 2 and go back to version 1 (like snapshots).

Thank you in advance for your help,


Content views aren’t that intuitive but they are well documented.

If you’re using regular content views you could probably re-promote an older version. I haven’t tried this myself so good luck.

If you’re using composite content views you could change the version of the underlying content view containing the packages you’re interested in to an earlier version then publish and promote a new version of the composite content view.

We are using composite content views because, although they are more complicated to manage, they allow more flexibility.

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Yes for configure but less for use it.

Yes, I tried, it looks it works !

Ok I will test the composite content view thank you very much for your help !

Is it possible to read this doc ? I have a feeling it might be as useful but I haven’t access. I’m juste a student…

The doc article you linked to is unfortunately not going to be useful to you.

it basically says that the feature is not available in Satellite 6 however it’s being treated as a request for enhancement in a future relase which is being tracked in a private redhat bug track.

Ok thank’s :slight_smile:

Ah ! I forgot ! Do you know when and how the “subscription-manager refresh” (to update /etc/yum.repos.d/redhat.repo file) is executed automatically in clients after promoting another version ?

If I’m not wrong you may be able to access the Red Hat Knowledge Base with a Red Hat developer account (

I have not a developer account :confused:

But it’s not important now, thank’s