How do I remove bad facts?

I’m using Ansible and hammer, to create a bunch of miscellaneous facts about several AIX servers and send them to foreman. Sometimes, I make an error in my playbook, and don’t create the fact correctly. Once this corrupted fact is present, I can’t seem to fix it, even after correcting my error. I’ve even tried to delete all the hosts and recreate them (foreman claims that this destroys the facts, but it apparently does not).

Is there some way to clear all the facts and start fresh. The only way I have found to get around this, is to change the name of the fact. This works, but I would like to use the names that I started with!

I just upgraded to Foreman 1.20.2, but I’ve had this problem for awhile, spanning several versions. I keep thinking I will run across this issue in the documentation, but I either keep missing it, or nobody else does this?