How do you log into to an Openstack instance provisioned by Foreman?


I’m currently running foreman 2.3.1 on CentOS 8. I have successfully added an Openstack server as a compute resource and I have also successfully created a CentOS 8 instance (from the official Centos 8.3 image). I have access to the login prompt via the Openstack console but unable to login as there is no password set on the image. Login is only via public key.

When provisioning it looks like foreman creates its own keypair and uses that on the server.

Where does foreman store the private key to use to allow ssh access to the instance and for which user is the key for?

Also for a future feature request can we include the option to select or create our own key when deploying from foreman?

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This should hopefully answer all your questions:

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Thanks @Izap.

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