How Foreman assign the IP address on physical server deployment?

Hi Guys,
I am very new to foreman and just install the foreman using quick start option which is single box installation can we install foreman in multiple box ? if yes How?

and second question after the installation i dont know how to proceed further it would great help if anyone can share the detail steps.

and one more query does foreman-installer install the DHCP server by default?

Typically you install Foreman core + a smart proxy on a single host. Then you add more and more smart proxies in remote subnets/datacenters/xxx.

No for obvious reasons, you need to explicitly enable it. Read our manual!

Even incase of quickstart as well it doen’t install the DHCP server

Hi Izap,

Thanks for your reply.

Actully I was trying to install foreman using the quickstart options
where I was assuming eveything get install by default, i just need to boot the server from PXE enabled ethernet & then foreman will get discover the server automatically and will keep in host pool, from where user can select the host & relevant OS to start the installation.
How doest it works & what steps are involved to configure the foreman successfully.

Sorry, I am not sure what is the question. What exactly is not clear?