How to admin/manage APT sources list under Foreman

Dear Support,

I was wondering if there are specific features or plugins under Foreman to manage and administrate APT sources list as well as Personal Package Archives (PPA) ?

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

Best Regards,
Alexandre Oulevey

There is some Debian support in Katello being worked on afaik, but not sure if that includes apt sources and ppa’s. Perhaps @Bernhard_Suttner will know?
If not - Foreman supports plugins, you are more than welcome to contribute such support.

we have debian style repositories in katello for a while now. And we are working on a subscription-manager branch [1] (that could use some love) to manage the sources list by subscription-manager. That enables debian systems to use the content-view & activation-key mechanics.
If you just want to point you newly provisioned debian hosts to additional (static) repositories, you could do so in the finish-provisioning-template.

[1] mdellweg/apt-support