How to bring old (non-stale) PRs back to life?

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit unsure on how to tackle old PR’s (that aren’t stale). TBH, I have a PR which was filed in March and then it got the attention it needed. However, now, a few months later the fixes/recommendations are applied yet, the re-review doesn’t seem to happen.

I try to “bump” the PR by posting that this has been done as well as nagging for a re-review BUT I feel like a little whiner when I try to bump my PR’s like this? Is there a better way in which we could tackle this?

PS: please, please, please don’t see this as me harassing the great community! I know everybody is doing their very hardest to to the best job! It’s really the opposite which I’m trying to ask here: how can I, with the least amount of being annoying, hint an old PR could use a re-review?

BTW: since we’re on the subject; this is the PR I’m talking about:


first of all, I’m sorry you had to wait so long with such small and reasonable patch. All active foreman_ansible maintainers were and usually are pretty busy. We’ll try to improve the situation but I’d be happy to see more people actively reviewing and testing patches there. Any hand is welcome, please don’t hesitate doing reviews even if you don’t have merge permissions.

Meanwhile, at least in case of foreman_ansible, @UXabre please continue pinging us in the PRs or even on IRC. You shouldn’t feel bad for doing so.

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Hi Marek, thanks for getting back on this subject!
I 110% agree with your suggestion on doing review and will actively do so as well from now on; makes a lot of sense :slight_smile: