How to configure Bonding interfaces using Foreman ver. 1.8.0‏

Hi All,

Please I have installed Foreman version 1.8.0 on CentOS 7.1. I
could provision CentOS to a HP blade server which has 6 NICs but I don't
know how to configure Bonding on these interfaces. I would like to use
Forman to configure Bonding as the following:-

Eth0 and Eth1 for Bond1 in VLAN 2 with subnet
Eth2 and Eth3 for Bond2 in VLAN 3 with subnet .
Eth4 and Eth5 for Bond3 in VLAN 4 with subnet .

As I am new in Foreman technology, Could you simplify how to configure the
Foreman to auto-configure the bonding.

Best Regards,

Mostafa Yasin