How to configure docker repos in Foreman

I have managed to import some docker images into Foreman but how do I make them available to the clients?
I see in the settings the referernce to “Pulp Docker registry port” but I do not see anything listening on this port. I have found some references to pulp crane but no instructions on how to implement this.

Expected outcome:
Listening to Pulp docker port

Foreman and Proxy versions:

  • foreman-3.3.0-1
  • foreman-proxy-3.3.0-1

Hi @per.naeslund and welcome to the Foreman community.

Have you had a look at Using Container Registries in the Foreman documentation? Maybe you can describe what steps you took so far and where you’re running into issues.

From what I understand this link is to pull images into foreman. What I am looking for is publishing them over the foreman port 5000. Currently have a normal setup of katello foreman and just created a docker repository. So far so good but there is no service listening to the configured port 5000. Looking at snipppets from old configurations they are using pulp/crane and a special apache config to listen on port 5000. In the new installation I do not see any references to these files.

Port 5000 was the old port with Pulp 2. Now, containers are published over the default HTTPS port 443. That settings option is old and needs to be removed – we have a redmine issue to do so.

The linked procedure should describe how to pull container images from Foreman Server to your local machine:

  1. podman login …
  2. podman pull …

Please let me know if this is not working for you.