How to configure foreman?

Hi all,

I have a vmware vsphere enviroment running with 6 esx hosts in it.
I installed a virtual machine called foreman (debian 10) and I followed the quickstart guide to install foreman. What do I need to do now? There is no clear documentation or tutorials from what comes next!
How do I configure it, so I it can create a VM and install an OS on it?

PS: I am a noob in this, and I have no experiance with ansible

Can anyone point me to a good tutorial or some documentation?

Several suggestions:

The orcharhino documentation includes a high level first steps guide (note: the orcharhino documentation always assumes you will be using Katello for content).

From the “new” foreman documentation, the provisioning guide might be of particular interest to you. (but bear in mind that this documentation was written for Satellite originally).

If you get stuck, you can also ask in the foreman IRC channel where people will generally help you with questions regarding small details not covered by the documentation. I hope this helps.


Finally, I do recommend looking into the Foreman Ansible collections for automating your Foreman configuration.

See this thread for some discussion on this.
I also recommend @evgeni’s Fosdem talk on this topic.
(You want the “yourmanagementlayershouldbecattletoo.mp4”)

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Hi @bLackCat-79 - welcome to the community!

As well as the docs that have been pointed to, we also have a recent series of beginner’s blogs:

We also have some recent videos:

Manage Centos Stream servers with Foreman and Katello - YouTube - this is a walk through of the main content management & provisioning of hosts scenario

We also have this new video about Foreman & Remote execution:

Aaand this one about Using Foreman with OpenSCAP:

And if you’re interested in report templates, you’ll find a good overview here too:

Feel free to introduce your deployment scenarios and what you’re hoping your end state will be for us to have a better idea of resources to point you to.

You’re very welcome to ask any questions as they arise! Best of luck!