How to control the main engine on / off in foreman


Click “open” in the host interface.Tips:“This host has not started a power operation”

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Foreman and Proxy versions:
foreman 2.0.0

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Hi there !

So what do you want to do?
What is the main engine? Do you want to turn off Foreman?
Or do you want to manage the power states of hosts you manage with Foreman?

I want to control the on / off of the host through foreman

So if you go to Hosts > All Hosts, and then select a host you want to power on/off and from the Select Action menu, select “Change Power State”, what happens?

If I choose "poweroff ’ It tips :Sets the power status of the selected host to off.But in fact It doesn’t poewer off

Have you done these steps:

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I have completed all the steps linked above. However, BMC does not appear on the host

OH! I find “BMC” on the web .But it report errors:ERF121-2269 ProxyAPI::ProxyException]:([RestClient::Exceptions::ReadTimeout]: Timed out reading data from server) https://client.localdomain:8443/bmc

Excuse me? :slight_smile:

Very old Foreman versions can actually pick “random” BMC smart proxy. In newer version you need to associate BMC proxy with every subnet, older versions just randomly picks from pool of smart proxies which has BMC feature reported.

So I suggest you check all your proxies and make sure only one have a BMC feature turned on.

Then investigate Foreman to Foreman Proxy http connection - this is 101. It needs to work.

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