How to create a discovery image with extension build-in?

hi all,
I am writing to ask you for help. How can I insert the built-in extensions into the discovery image?
the documentation reports this but does not explain how to do it:
Discovery Image supports runtime extensions published via TFTP or HTTP. Those are distributed as ZIP files with shell scripts. It is also possible to build an image with extensions built-in which is helpful for PXE-less environments.
thanks for the help you can give me


Let us know if it helps.

Thanks for the indication.
But if I’m not mistaken, following those directions when the discovery starts it will look for the zip file on the TFTP server. I would like to have the content directly inside the fdi.iso instead.
I was able to perform the provisioning of barmetal on the lacp 802.3ad network, so I would like to have a scripts located in autostart.d run the network configuration of the discovery. Since I already have the network devices in lacp I would not be able to reach any TFTP server if I do not perform the correct network configuration first.

It would be nice to able to download extension scripts via https from the template server instead of tftp, for those of us who do not use PXE/TFTP.

I think HTTPS is supported, somebody added it back in the days check the codebase its just a shell script.

@rotanutrof then you need to extend the image by recompiling it from scratch, then follow the README in the git repository. It is just a CentOS live CD, similar to Fedora LiveCD, you can install RPMs see 20-packages.ks

thanks lzap,
thanks for the advice, I inserted a script in the iso that allows me to reconfigure the network to work in lacp: create an 802.3ad bond using the nic with link up. I also added a script that automatically values a new fact with the names of the nic that make up the bond created with the previous script; I use this fact to give the network configuration information to the kexec and it allows to maintain the communication between server and foreman proxy in the passage between iso and installation process. So I am able to install the server completely
thanks all