How to find hosts with the same configuration problem

Problem: Due to a new Puppet module some servers run into a configuration issue.
I would like to search for all hosts that have the this problem.

Expected outcome: A list of hosts with the mentioned problem.

Foreman and Proxy versions: 1.23

At the moment, reports are stored with all three columns level, resource and message stored separately. You can search them individually. For example: resource = “/Stage…headdumps]” should work, or the message itself. Message would work too, but this is not a full text - you need to do exact match or LIKE.

Going forward, we would like to refactor report storage in a way that it’s less searchable, but much more efficient. In that case, you would do table scan search (e.g. grep-like experience).

But where in the UI can I search for those resources?

Ah sorry, in the reports index page use the search bar. The syntax is “resource = something”, we do have auto completion which should help you to get oriented.